York Community High School has named Rob Wagner to the position of Interim Athletic Director, due to the unexpected resignation of Ron Murphy, who has been in the position for one year.  For personal reasons, Mr. Murphy has accepted a new position, pending Board approval, in a school district closer to his home.

 “My decision to pursue the position was a product of the need to be more accessible to my family and closer to home,” said Mr. Murphy. “ I am thankful to Principal Diana Smith and Superintendent Dave Pruneau for the opportunity they afforded me in coming to York. I am also grateful to the coaches, student-athletes, faculty and families for their kindness and support.  I am proud of all that we have worked together to accomplish.”

Mr. Wagner is currently the Assistant Principal for Student Activities and Finance.  Prior to that, he served as the York Athletic Director for four years, was the Assistant Principal for Student Services, and was hired initially as Dean of Students.  He has been a football and track coach at York.  

Principal Diana Smith noted that “Rob Wagner has established himself as a strong administrator.  His experience with and passion for athletics and student activities make him the ideal person to step in as our new athletic director.  He is known at York as a proactive leader, a problem-solver, and an effective collaborator with all stakeholders.  While we are sorry to lose Ron Murphy–who did a wonderful job in his first year as an athletic director–we feel very fortunate that Rob is enthusiastic about resuming the position he enjoyed from 2006-2010.”

Mr. Wagner will assume the position on Monday, August 18, and York will seek an interim Assistant Principal to fill his vacancy.   “Our focus this week is to have school ready for all students in all areas: academics, athletics, activities, and student support,” Smith said.