(Dial 911 in an emergency)

Thomas K. Freeman, Fire Chief
Administration Office
Elmhurst City Hall
209 North York Street
630-530-3090 • fax – 630530-3127
Fire Station No. 1, 404 North York Street
Fire Station No. 2, 605 South York Street

Elmhurst is one of only 16 communities in Illinois with an I.S.O. Class II protection rating, thanks to its 11 paid officers, 33 firefighters and 12 contracted paramedics.

At least 11 firefighters and four paramedics are on duty daily, providing Advanced Life Support services and manning firefighting equipment. They are also trained to respond to medical, hazardous materials, technical above and below grade rescues, and vehicle extrication.

Fire prevention is emphasized through building inspections, construction reviews, public education programs, and the sale of smoke detectors and extinguishers.